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Vinyl Information

HEXIS Carbon Fiber Black - 5mil HPV Gloss Cast Vinyl

Multi-layered cast vinyl films carrying the same solvent-based adhesive and structured PE liner with Hex’Press technology that make the film repositionable during application.

Because of its high flexibility and extreme conformability fast and risk free transfers are practically guaranteed. It is particularly suitable for vehicle full wraps and for all long-term applications on complex and compound curved surfaces.

HX30000 films are Cast vinyls specially designed for full vehicle wraps - unlike other materials you may he seen from other manufacturers. The film is a multi-layered 3D / textured / structured cast PVC vinyl. It's textured / 3D / woven looking surface catches light just like true dry carbon giving it a rich depth as well as a tactile response! Because of its extreme flexibility, high conformability, HEXPress adhesive facilitates air egress thus avoiding bubbles and creases during application - fast and risk free applications are practically guaranteed. It is particularly recommended for complex compound curved surfaces and long-term outdoor applications. Hexis HX30000 is the ideal high-end solution for vehicle applications with long life cycles.

ORACAL 651 Intermediate Cal Vinyl

Thanks to its proprietary formulation and construction, ORACAL Series 651 has become the industry standard for high performance calendered films. Only 2.5 mils thick, ORACAL 651 offers six year outdoor durability, flexibility, thermal print compatibility, and a choice of 59 high-gloss colors. This high-quality film is a good choice for moderately complex jobs that don't require the extra conformability provided by ORACAL's cast films.

PRIME SERIES Metallic Film - 006 Carbon Fiber Silver

Valued for its impressive strength and stiffness-to-weight ratios, carbon fiber fabric is a mainstay of the marine and autobody finishing businesses. This subtle pattern is ideal for attracting the discerning male eye to packaging, labels, and signage. Achieve the look of this sophisticated industrial fabric with the cost-effectiveness of this PVC based film. This is the PRIME SERIES,which has an almost unlimited indoor lifespan, and will perform outdoors for 5 to 6 years.

PRIME SERIES Metallic Film - 003 Polychrome Silver

Polychrome film from Creative Film Corp. offers a brilliant, Chrome-like finish. This versatile product adds the shine of smooth metal to displays, signs, and decals. This is the CHROME SILVER version. This is the PRIME SERIES, which has an almost unlimited indoor lifespan, and will perform outdoors for 5 to 6 years.